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Top AEPS Service Provider Company List that covers 80% Market in 2023

 By Aeps Developer team cosmossoft  July 21, 2022  AEPS 


Aeps Software for you to growth your sale easily & fastly with safe & secure process.

Today we are sharing the top aeps software provider company list that will help you to choose the best aeps service provider company & to help your business grow easily.

If you want to start your own AEPS ( aadhar banking service ) business as an admin or you want to become a B2B seller you always must know which Tech-company is best fit according to your requirements and if you are trying to find out the best aeps software provider company then this article will end your search.

So before we come to the list a short brief about AEPS ( Aadhar enabled payment system ) is important

What is AEPS ?

 Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a payment service that allows a bank customer to use Aadhaar as his/her identity to access his/her Aadhaar enabled bank account and perform basic banking transactions like balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, remittances through a Business Correspondent.
AEPS is a bank led model which allows online interoperable financial transaction at PoS (Point of Sale / Micro ATM) through the Business Correspondent (BC)/Bank Mitra of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication.

How to get it:


    • Provide KYC (Know Your Customer) information to open a new account

    • Aadhaar Number should be linked with bank a/c

    Service Activation:


        • None

        • 1-2 minutes post Aadhaar seeding

      What is required for Transaction:


          • MicroATM

          • Remember Aadhaar

          • Give Bank name

          • Present self (Aadhaar holder) with Bio-metrics (Finger and/or IRIS)

          • Assisted mode

        Transaction Cost:


            • NIL to customer

            • Merchant or BC may get charged or paid based on bank‘s discretion

          Disclaimer: The transaction costs are based on available information and may vary based on banks.

          Services Offered:


              • Balance Enquiry

              • Cash Withdrawal

              • Cash Deposit

              • Aadhaar to Aadhaar funds transfer

              • Payment Transactions (C2B, C2G Transactions)

            Funds Transfer limit:


                • Banks define limit. No limit for RBI.

              Disclaimer: The funds transfer limits are based on available information and may vary based on banks.

              Service Available from no. of operators:


                  • 118 banks

                  • Interoperable

                Using AEPS Service customers can avoid long bank and ATM queue and enjoy basic banking services through their near by Aeps retail point.

                Why AEPS Service Started by Indian Govt ?

                Government of India motive behind launching the aeps service was to avail the basic banking services in a easiest way to customers of every sector of society from rural area where there is no availability of banks and ATM machines or urban and semi urban areas where there customers reach to bank or ATM is difficult or there’s a crowd in the bank to have avail takes a lot of time the facility of banks.

                So, The NPCI a subsiduary of RBI announced a new way of banking service which is based on Aadhaar Number and the finger tips named Aeps. Launch of this service made a huge impact on banking sectors reach to customers.

                Note:- Later NPCi Introduced some extra features for the transaction like iris too whether customer can place the eye to withdraw their money, it’s benificial for those old age customers whose fingers capture fails multiple times.

                Today a big part of the population using banking services through AEPS, in a report Aadhaar holders have carried out nearly 2.31 billion authentication transactions in the month of March 2023. Additionally AEPS service generated huge number of employment with ease of it’s process and most of the kirana stores in the village areas also increased their margins by increasing theior customers, Anyone in India can start their own AEPS business and can make it a good source of Income by availing aeps service to their customers.

                So we are sharing a quick guide if you want to start your own AEPS business.

                Starting an Aeps Business

                Starting an Aeps Business is not like to handle a store or any toy, it’s a responsibility how your treat with your Customers/retailers or how you make transaction flow easy, realiable & secure.

                Here is the top AEPS Software provider company list.


                    • CosmosSoft ( No 1 AEPS software Provider Company, provide software with always the latest codes )

                    • RNFI

                    • Roinet

                    • For more you can check to fiverr or Upwork( contact them and confirm if that’s the better fit for you.)

                  These all the Best to provide you a good Software for your need availablity with your requirement. As per my knowledge they are a great choice because they customize and Design a good UI for your App & Web. You can Choose us ( cosmossoft) as your tech Partner and we will take care of your all tech needs for your App & Web.

                  Why choosing Cosmossoft Aeps Software is a wise choice in India?

                  Cosmossoft is a one of best AEPS Software provider company in india. Our goal is to provide a software where all the partners can solve their issues easily, we have build some advanced in the support system where most of the complaints can be solved easily without raising any complaint or calling to customer care. This saves a lot of money for the partner to keep the more staff to solve the complaints and it reduces the complaint ratio too while comparing other brands. Our skilled and experienced professional team of developer build AEPS Portal with advanced features which is trusted by more than 10+ companies already live in Market.


                      • Cosmossoft provides AEPS portal which is based on latest software technology ( codes will be done laravel).

                      • It is a fully customized software to customise the background colour wih your own.

                      • Using Cosmossoft Aeps software an admin can add multiple down line members e.g. Retailer, Distributor, Master Distributor & Whitelabel.

                      • Using Cosmossoft aeps portal you can provide all basic banking services like aeps cash withdrawal, cash deposit, balance enquiry, fund transfer, mini statement, aadhaar pay, payout and UPI collection.

                      • Cosmossoft Aeps portal offer their Partners best prices entire the industry which saves a lot of money and can be cheaper more than 50%.

                      • Members can take 24*7 real-time settlement using express payout or NEFT & RTGS based on their use case availibility.

                      • cosmossoft Aeps software make certain about security of the system so admin has all control on software, wallet and members, we also ran a software testing to understand the loop holes better where we have gathered some of our circle who already being working in some large Global Brands..

                      • Cosmossoft provides lifetime technical support at no cost to their partners 9If the fault is from our sides).

                      • With Cosmossoft we assure you to implement Multiple bank API’s in a single portal to make your transaction flow & transaction ratio more better.

                      • Cosmossoft Aeps portal deliver a transaction success ratio minimum of 99%9if we getting response better from your API partner).

                      • cosmossoft Team provides their Partners a training session so they can understand software functionality and process.

                      • Cosmossoft Aeps portal deliver 100% accurate reporting, easy to use, fast and highly secured portal to start your business within a couple of weeks.

                      • Along with software portal, our team provides a standard website and mobile application.

                    we have mentioned many points above and i think that will help you to choose the best AEPS Portal, if still you have any queries you can request a live demo.

                    Find a API partner company ?

                    Are you looking for API’s? no worry we are sharing some great Brands details which can be better to start your business with. We suggest you to do API business with them only and it’s written based on our research.

                    Here are the list below of Indias biggest API Provider company.


                        • Fingpay (Tapits Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

                        • Instant Pay

                        • iserveu

                        • Eko

                        • Spice Money

                        • paynearby

                        • Paysprint

                      There are a lot of company in India promising they are directly connected with the bank. the list of the company we have shared are the actual partner connected with the bank. Paynearby & findpay are the best choice for you while Fing pay is a truly B2B Based company only in other hand paynearby also deals in B2C Industry.


                      We shared a complete list of top aeps service provider & Software companies and also shared which is the best AEPS service provider.

                      So If you are willing to start your own aeps business, cosmossoft provides many other additional services with aeps software portal like mobile Recharge Portal developement ( mobile Recharge Software), utility bill payment service, money transfer service, IRCTC Ticket Booking software and 24+ add on service which helps you to boost your income with cosmossoft b2b aeps portal for admin.

                      we hope this article will help you to make a best decision about the AEPS software & API provider company list.

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