Dynamic personalization based on real-time data

Use Cosmos Soft onsite personalization platform to address customers individually and personally in real time! Connect personalization, recommendations, A/B/n-testing, and many other features in the solution of the Indian market leader. Simply onsite. Realtime. smart.

Key Features


Create individual and inspiring experiences for your customers with the various personalization options trbo has to offer.


Customers buy when they feel well advised – even online. Simplify the shopping experience for your customers and increase your sales by judicious use of product recommendations

A/B- & Multivariant-Tests

Always keep track of the success of your measures and optimize your website with (dynamic) A/B-tests and multivariant tests.

Dynamic Segmentation

Dynamic segments are formed in real time. As a result, the respective website content is adapted in accordance with the interests of a specific customer segment.

Intelligent Targeting

Cosmos Soft allows you to identify the perfect target group for your measures and to address it with the appropriate offers at any time.

Analytics & Optimization

All KPIs can be viewed in your dashboard. By integrating and linking tracking systems, you can track the user journey seamlessly.

Overview of our Features


Dynamic Segments


Geo- & Weather-Data


Click in Channels


External Data Sources


Product Logics


A/B- & Multivariant Tests


Machine Learning


Big Data


Shop Platform Agnostic


Trigger (Exit, Inactivity, Scroll)



Dynamically Adapt the Content and structure of your website to the interests of your website to the interests of your users. This insures that every user always receives exactly those offers that perfectly match his interests. All page elements can be adapted or exchanged in real time.

Dynamic segments

Users can be divided into (dynamic) segments according to their interests, preferences or surfing behavior on the website. This enables a focused approach to the user. Dynamic segments are formed in real time and enable a targeted and personalized user approach.


Customers buy where they feel well advised. Make your website a personal shopping assistant with Cosmos Soft. On the basis of machine learning, individual product recommendations are issued according to the respective point of contact and profile of your users. Always at the right place, at the right time with the perfect offer.


In order to deliver precisely fitting recommendations, suitable product logics must be stored in the Recommendation Engine. For example, a sophisticated algorithm uses "Recommended Products" to select products based on surfing behavior, statistical twins and sales.


Increase the number of newsletter subscribers by applying newsletter layers using the Cosmos Soft platform.


The open technical architecture of the CosmosSoft platform makes it easy to connect external data sources. Be it the common tag managers, analytics functions, newsletter providers, search solutions or customer data platforms - external data sources enable the best personalization and optimization.


Improve customer loyalty by conducting user surveys on your website. Whether NPS scoring or (multi-page) surveys - CosmosSoft allows the easy implementation of a wide variety of survey options.


The use of Big Data enables a positive shopping experience, as the website visitor receives the right purchase incentives during his onsite journey. Fully automatic, target group specific and in real time!


Create trust by providing information to other users or buyer groups. Simplify the shopping experience of your users by displaying social share buttons via CosmosSoft. They encourage users to share offers directly with other users.

A/B- & Multivariant-Tests

Keep track of the success of your measures. On the CosmosSoft platform, you can implement simple A/B-tests as well as comprehensive multivariant tests quickly and easily. This allows you to keep an eye on your campaigns at all times and optimize them on an ongoing basis.


Create individual incitements to purchase. With CosmosSoft, you can implement specific thematic promotions and prize games on your website in an entertaining way. By this means, customer interaction as well as satisfaction can be increased.


The integration of geo and weather data allows the release of relevant recommendations as well as the personalization of website content. For example, regional offers or suitable offers in correspondence with the current weather can be displayed at the user's location.


Lower the bounce rate on your website by playing out targeted CosmosSoft layers. Whether special adaptations for users of Google Shopping Ads or incentives to purchase with Exit Intent - we certainly have the right solution for you.


With CosmosSoft it is possible to store different triggers and to decide when certain measures are released, in order to find the right user address at exactly the right moment. The user is not harassed, but informed in a well-dosed manner.

Customer Data Enrichment

Gain valuable information and create deeply personalized experiences on the website with a holistic database and a 360-degree view of the customer by enriching your customer and user data. The simple integration and associated enhancement of existing behavioral and purchase data enables you to target your customers even more precisely. It is also possible to transfer data records to connected interfaces for their data enrichment.

Why use trbo?

Turn visitors into customers with trbo’s smart purchasing incentives. Offer each user a personalized shopping experience and optimize the turnover of your web shop.


Create sustainable and measurable added value with trbo!

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