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CosmosSoft has developed its services for Clients / organizations that outsource all or a portion of their software quality assurance activities. We deliver our clients independent QA and research services to grab the demand and remove the barriers between great concepts and their qualitative release.

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  Ensure quality never gets left out of your critical applications. We are providing an extensive range of fully managed Software testing in India.

Functional Testing

It ensures the quality of the application to enable informed decisions on the sustainability of its production release.

software Development


Non-functional tests are performed to verify the system’s attributes, such as memory leaks, performance or robustness of the system.

Security Testing

Our tester determines the application of the threat under test and measures its potential vulnerabilities to ensure that the application does not stop functioning.

Let's Focus On Quality

CosmosSoft is a leading Indian company that provides a complete range of software testing services.

Here’s How We Can Help Transform Your QA Experience


 Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a metric used to quantify the range to which a customer is pleased with a product, service, or experience. We assist our clients in improving their quality assurance strategies to ensure; they deliver excellent business results.


Flexible cooperation

You can trust our team of professional and highly skilled professionals from reputed technology and management organisations who are domain experts from various industries, including Retail, Aviation, Utility, and Banking.

Benefits You Have With CosmosSoftSoftware Testing Services

Providing an extensive range of fully managed test services from our India. Ensuring quality never gets left out of your vital applications.


    • Efficient work
    • Faster delivery
    • Secure testing
    • QA On-Demand
    • Full Transparency
    • Flexible cooperation
    • Customer satisfaction

We Are The Nex-Gen Of The Testing World

Do you want to ensure faster product launches and higher-quality software performances by outsourcing your QA and software development shifts to one of the best software testing companies?

Unique Test Accelerator Framework

We are experts in providing end-to-end software testing and Quality Guarantee services for many enterprises. Our highly experienced software test engineers are specialists in all types of software testing.

Reduce Cost of Quality

We build reliable and highly cost-effective software testing services using skilled, rapid exploratory testing methodologies. We offer end-to-end product release testing services, automation testing, web application testing, mobile app testing, usability testing and many more.